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Facebook Workplace - is it a viable option for your business?

There is an incredible number of people on Earth who use Facebook to connect with their friends and family.

1 in 4 people, in fact, are extremely familiar with Facebook and are adept at using it and all of its features.

On 10th October 2016, Facebook launched its assault on the business world. Facebook Workplace is the technology giant’s way of taking its platform and transforming it for corporate use. Newsfeeds can now be used for task management, group messaging for conference calls and group networks for, well, networking.

The week before they’d tried their hands at eCommerce, something which didn’t go quite as planned. So will they fare any better with a professional makeover for their tried and true communications channel.

Facebook’s revenue primarily comes from their advertising feature. Introducing Facebook Workplace isn’t just a means to conquer the business world, but also to generate more income. This platform won’t be free like their social channel, but is a subscription service based on the number of employees you will have using the service.

Facebook is, technically, late to the game. Apps like Gmail and Slack have already invaded the office by offering solutions that generic email accounts aren’t able to: instant messaging and task delegation. What Facebook brings to the table, is a platform where all of these can happen in one place. And whilst many other apps have attempted this before, Facebook has one, quite major, advantage over other channels - they already have 2 billion people worldwide who know how to use their product; there’s no training required.

So how much does it cost?

Currently, the pricing model is based upon monthly active users of the subscription service - $3 a head for the first 1,000, $2 for 1,001 to 10,000 users and $1 each for over 10,000 users. Other platforms are based on monthly paid plans, rather than by user numbers, with add-ons for companies who require archiving functionality or have a large amount of employees.

Only time will tell if Facebook Workplace finds its own place within the market, or if it will overtake everything else and develop into the juggernaut its social counterpart has become.

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