Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

The next in our series of Talking Points focuses on Non-Profit organisations and the issues that they face in their marketing strategies.

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Not-For-Profit organisations have a big job to do in using their marketing budgets wisely and all whilst competing against larger organisations who often have much deeper pockets. They need to be absolutely sure that their marketing spend will yield results, unlike bigger organisations who have a lot more room to experiment with theirs.

In working with our own Not-For-Profit clients, we make sure that the combination of our experience and their industry knowledge doesn't just make noise but really proves results. Some means of measuring success simply won't work with this kind of organisation, for instance, an A/B testing campaign is far more suited to a busy business with a busy website than it would be for a small NFP.

Being a Not-For-Profit organisation does, however, have its advantages. Many different software and suppliers offer NFPs discounts or grants, for example, Google Adwords offers a $10,000 grant to those who qualify and Salesforce offer 10 free licenses to Non-Profits; this often gives these organisations the opportunity to get tools and solutions that they normally wouldn't be able to afford.

In a more general sense, there are a few other marketing tools to keep your eye on at the moment, that we think are going to be massively useful to our clients. For our B2B clients, we have been suggesting Albacross, the lead identification programme that identifies visitors to a website by their IP address and then provides the name and details of some of the people working at the company. As well as this, it also allows you to launch account-based marketing campaigns based on those visitors, and publishes them across several great platforms including The Guardian and eBay UK.

At Webstars, we work across a variety of clients from the B2B and B2C sectors, this includes more corporate clients too, which means that we have the ability to leverage our learnings and developments from all of these industries to provide Not-For-Profit clients access to research, data and facts that they typically wouldn't be able to get hold of.

NFP client work is something that our team really get stuck into, and we love the challenge of trying to make a real difference with a small budget. We analyse the business, we understand their goals and we make sure that we can really help, before building and developing tools that will either make the marketing process and lead generation easier, or we aim to help business development in other ways.

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