Take back control of your content for 2017

Are you looking ahead to 2017 and feeling like you run the risk of drowning under the weight of expectation regarding producing content?

Step back, take a deep breath - we’re here to get you through this.

Content is key to a successful digital presence - and the expectation for original and fresh content has never been higher, but there are ways to manage this expectation and prevent yourself from getting bogged down and lost within all the other competing content out there.

We have five tips for 2017 that we encourage everyone to consider:

Competitor analysis

Every business knows who their competitors are, so why not use this knowledge to your advantage and apply it to your content strategy? See what your competitors are doing and talking about to connect with your target audience and make sure you’re also visible in the relevant areas. There’s no point writing fantastic content if it isn’t being read.

Plan your content

A content calendar and schedule will be your best friend in 2017 - plan months in advance for the content you can and free up resource to respond to any immediate needs for content you may have. Your nails will be grateful for the lack of biting that planning ahead will result in.

Only write content that is relevant

Don’t mistake the need for more content to mean you have to write content which holds no significance for your business or value to your audience. Stay strong and stick to your guns - only create content which will either further your business or that your audience will actually respond to.

Post it in the right places

There are times and places for whimsical ditties about the latest goings on in the world, just like there’s a time and place for thought leadership and white papers full
of useful infographics aimed at the food & beverage industry. If your content is industry or channel specific, then don’t let it get lost by posting it in the wrong place or on the wrong channels.

Don’t be afraid of recycling content

You will inevitably find yourself creating content which is relevant throughout the year. Use this to your advantage and schedule it as many times as you like to fill out any slower content generation periods, or just to shout about it because it’s a cracking piece of content that you’re proud of.
Content generation is taking on a new level of expectation in the coming months, don’t let
it be a daunting task. Embrace the challenge with open arms and use this time to plan some really engaging content that makes you excited about your world and what you have to say.

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