What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page created with one goal, or one call to action in mind.

Landing pages are often used for Pay Per Click campaigns, where an advertiser is trying to sell a specific product or service.

They tend to work most effectively when the desired end result is a low value sale or the offer of a free download or report in return for providing contact details (lead generation). Examples would be prompting visitors to sign up for more information, to purchase a product, or to subscribe to a service.

A well constructed landing page is focused purely on a single objective and does not offer multiple options or calls to actions. The perfect landing page will be branded, work in visual harmony with your website but will have a unique design identity. As these pages are concentrated on one single action or goal, quite often they will appear similar to the rest of the site but will not have any navigation or distracting alternative calls to action. This is to ensure the user does not leave the page before taking the desired action.

A good landing page will have:

  • A compelling title, often based around a question
  • 3 or 4 features or benefits (often with large tick marks to the left hand side of the text)
  • A key hero image
  • A short testimonial
  • An obvious and clear single call to action
  • A brief description of the company offering the service
  • A footer, possibly with site navigation and contact details

Visit our landing page for a visual representation of a good landing page:

How a good landing page can improve PPC activities

A PPC, or paid web-based marketing campaign, has the same objective as a landing page: to drive targeted traffic to a specific web page. The cost of acquiring a visit may vary from several pence to several pounds, or even more. It is essential to have a targeted landing page to ensure that these visits provide a profitable result in terms of lead generation or sales. If the user arrives at the page and it is not relevant, they will leave and the cost of the visit is immediately wasted.

In addition, google decides where to base your advert based on several criteria, one of these being quality score. Your landing page is judged on how relevant, transparent and easy to navigate it is, and this is then the basis of part of your quality score. As landing pages tend to be very focused they are likely to be seen as more relevant than other pages on your site and therefore have a higher quality score.

Even if you are not using paid advertising, but using blogs or other such content to drive traffic, a well optimised landing page will still provide a benefit and result in increased conversions.

Any landing page needs to be optimised to not only provide relevant information to your target audience but also to effectively sell the product or service that you are promoting. Obvious advantages of a well considered and constructed landing page are:

More conversions – converting visits to lead generation or sales should be your landing page's primary objective

Decreasing advertising costs – any PPC campaign involves cost, but an optimised landing page will get more conversions without wasting your budget.

How to optimise targeted landing pages

Optimise the content – develop a very strong, keyword-conscious headline to entice visitors to read your content and take the desired action.

Optimise the call to action (buy now button, etc) or lead capture form in such a way as to make it virtually impossible to resist. You need to make crystal clear the action you would like visitors to take a next step. If this is unclear to the visitor, they will most likely leave and you will lose a potential conversion.

Landing page software

Depending on how your website is set up and managed you may be able to add landing pages either by uploading a static HTML webpage or by using your content management system if you site uses one.

An easier and often far more versatile option is to use a Landing Page software solution which will allow you to optimise the page as well as testing different versions of the page (A/B testing)

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