Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Preparing a site to celebrate an important milestone


We designed a new site to create a fresh and exciting point of contact for new audiences, as well as to promote their Diamond Anniversary. The old site was redeveloped to become an educational resource for participants.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award. Young people between the ages of 14 and 24 complete a number of challenges in order to receive bronze, silver and gold awards.


Ensuring all content is relevant and preparing for their Diamond Anniversary.

The existing site had a vast amount of content on it. A fraction of this was aimed at new audiences, the majority was very detailed information for participants and leaders of the award.

The old site would become an in-depth resource for people already involved. The new site had to have space to make the most of the upcoming Diamond Anniversary and new content.


200,000+ site visits a month
61% CTR of visitors to the Diamond Anniversary
1/2 halved admin time


A clear and accessible site in order to navigate a large amount of content.

Due to the quantity of content, the design had to be clear, accessible and easy to navigate whilst appealing aesthetically to a wide range of audiences.

The quantity of content meant the CMS had to be very easy to use, allowing the admin to enter certain items once and then dynamically pulling them in different formats to various section of the site.

Page templates were built to be incredibly flexible, and design was done in a way that kept each section looking fresh and vibrant, with multiple colour options and styling added to images automatically.


  • Collaborative strategy
  • UX
  • Design
  • HTML and CSS
  • Wordpress integration


  • Wordpress CMS
  • Wistia integration
  • Timeline integration
  • Option of Welsh version
  • Responsive design

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