Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher Beer

Taking thousands of Social Media followers and turning them into email subscribers.


We built Kingfisher Beer a platform to create and host Facebook competitions in order to increase engagement with their large Facebook audience and build brand awareness.


Increase engagement & brand awareness

The brand team at Kingfisher Beer were spending a considerable amount of time on admin, updating and running campaigns that gave them no access to entrants' data, hindering CRM activity. Some of the biggest hurdles Kingfisher Beer faced when setting up a competition on Facebook included promoting the competition, fine tuning campaigns, targeting the right audiences, customisation, and the amount of time it took to set up.

Having investigated some of the cheaper options available, it became clear that they were still quite difficult to use and did not offer the levels of data security required.


47,500 competition entries
95% increase in page likes
1/2 halved admin time


Competitions live with a couple of clicks

The Facebook competition platform gave Kingfisher Beer the option of six campaign types, with ready-made templates that were editable and allowed for custom-built templates to help them design a ground-breaking competition mechanism.

Reaching the right audience was crucial to the success of Kingfisher Beer’s marketing campaign. With our platform they were able to limit access to their competition to people in a specific geographical area or age group, as well as using the captured data to market their competition and brand to people with similar interests to those who have submitted their contact details. With the Facebook competition platform Kingfisher Beer were able to create a Smart URL for their competition that takes each user to the appropriate location for their device - if they’re seeing the ad/post on their laptop/desktop or a custom domain if they’re mobile users.


  • Strategy & Planning
  • Visual design
  • Front-end development


  • A range of competition templates
  • Easy to use interface
  • Enhanced data security
  • Mobile friendly (responsive) layouts
  • Easy customisation
  • Smart custom URLs
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Bespoke 3rd party integrations

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