Shakespeare's Globe

Shakespeare's Globe

The development of a website with a shop, microsites, video platform, education section etc.


The redevelopment of the website for the Shakespeare’s Globe. This also included the integration of an e-commerce system as well as the integration of social media, campaign-related microsites and press and education systems.

Shakespeare's Globe is a unique international resource dedicated to the exploration of Shakespeare's work and the playhouse for which he wrote, through the connected means of performance and education.


Developing a shop platform to increase sales.

Shakespeare’s Globe wanted to redevelop their main site and integrate with several associated third party sites. These sites would need re-skinning to match the overarching brand.

To redevelop the site whilst integrating several third party sites, as well as developing a shop platform. We also had to do all this whilst accommodating to both internal requirements and working with multiple key stakeholders.
50% increase in shop sales
100,000 online shop visits a month
Maximised opportunity for cross-selling


Integrated solutions for a variety of services

Working in conjunction with Small Back Room, a design and branding agency in Waterloo, we re-skinned several third party sites as well as integrated our site with a range of other services. Due to internal requirements/historical methodologies certain structural decisions were made and these changes were very easy to implement due to the flexibility of our core CMS system. By integrating our bespoke eCommerce system with their EPOS, we were able to make cross-selling easy by being able to assign multiple categories to products. We also added press and education sections, social media integration and a number of campaign-related micro-sites, as well as developing the online shop.



  • Strategy
  • UX & Wireframes
  • Bespoke CMS
  • Video platform
  • E-Commerce platform
  • API integration
  • Bespoke image and video library
  • Wordpress Blog Installation


  • Multiple CMS web editors with different permission levels
  • Shop
  • Microsite functionality integrated into CMS
  • Responsive web design

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