The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic

A clean and accessible site with easy navigation for patients.


Taking into account a multi-device generation, we built a responsive website that delivered The Private Clinic to new customers looking to achieve their desired results.

Pioneering non-invasive cosmetic and medical treatments since 1983, The Private Clinic offer the safest, most advanced and effective cosmetic treatments to their patients.


A website that could be viewed across many devices.

To create a responsive and flexible website that was easy to edit and reconfigure, as well as maintaining SEO rankings and SERP.
Mobile was a key consideration for this site, along with ease of use of the CMS.


100,000+ site visits a month
74% new visitors to the site a month
1,000+ new phone calls answered a month


A responsive site across all devices and a CMS that updates metadata easily.

Using our bespoke CMS, we provided the client with the means of making ‘one time’ edits that would update the site across all devices.

Flexibility in the design was important. We planned the layout around a system of content 'blocks' that can be assigned to different pages. As new treatments become available the client can add new treatment pages.

We integrated the site with the client's CRM, which outputs all form data from the site and enters it into their bespoke database. This data is transferred in real time, and the client's sales team can respond by calling prospects quickly.


  • Strategy
  • UX
  • Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • Bespoke CMS
  • API Integration


  • Responsive design
  • Bespoke CRM integration
  • Treatment finder (advanced search)
  • User tracking
  • Consultation & brochure request

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